Learn How to Spread God's Glory Through a Thriving VA Business

Have an Advantage in Your VA Business Aligning with Kingdom

Provide peace of mind and confidence to your potential clients

Make a
Meaningful Impact
in the

Why Kingdom Virtual Assistant School?

Gain a Kingdom Advantage

There are lots of books and trainings out there on how to become a virtual assistant, the one important piece missing is how to incorporate kingdom principles into a virtual assistant practice, how to partner with God and surrender this business to Him and how to best serve the clients He brings to glorify Him.

Give Clients Peace of Mind

When you attend Kingdom Virtual Assistant School, you will provide peace of mind and confidence to your potential clients by knowing you took your business seriously because you invested in the work God has called you to do. By tuning in to the Holy Spirit, you help your clients to grow in Kingdom influence, impact, and profitability.

Make a Greater Impact

Learn how to take your gifts and skills and make an impact in the world and have a sense of purpose. You’ll also be a part in transforming the virtual assistant industry to begin to partner and operate with the power of the Holy Spirit and to have a greater ripple effect by supporting your client’s businesses with Kingdom principles.

Why Kingdom Virtual Assistant School?

You Feel Called to Entrepreneurship

You feel called to own your own business and wonder how you can combine entrepreneurship with Godly principles. You wonder what it takes to start and run a business. You desire to make a greater impact with your skills and gifts. When you understand the shift from operating by how the world does business and instead operate in your gifting and in partnership with God, you will launch a solid business.

You Have a Current VA Practice

Maybe you already consider yourself a virtual assistant and you would like to begin to operate your practice rooted in Kingdom principles and watch God shift your business. When you shift from operating by how the world does business and instead operate in your gifting and in partnership with God, your business will completely shift from operating in grind to by God's grace.

You Possess the Gift of Administration

You have the ability to break down projects into bite sized pieces. You love solving problems and finding unconventional solutions. You have so many skills and find that you haven’t been able to utilize them in jobs you’ve had, leaving you frustrated and bored. You've been told that you are good at organizing and planning. Becoming a virtual assistant will utilize all these skills and passions.

Course Outline

This is a 12 week program with a final exam and exit interview at the end of the 12 weeks.

Section 1: Kingdom Business Foundation

Week 1: Virtual Assistants - Who they are and who they’re not

Week 2: Understanding the Characteristics of God and How to Hear from Him

Week 3: Kingdom Fundamentals: How to Operate in Kingdom Principles, Yielding Your Business to God

Week 4: Skills, Talents & Gifts: Discovering Your Unique God Given Mission Part 1

Week 5: Skills, Talents & Gifts: Discovering Your Unique God Given Mission Part 2

Section 2: Preparing for Clients

Week 6: Setting Boundaries & Building Your Business Around Your Life

Week 7: Setting Up Your Practice: Pricing, Services Offered, Logistics

Week 8: Prospective Client Interviews

Section 3: Client Onboarding & Creating Long Lasting Client Relationships

Week 9: Where to Find Clients

Week 10: Client Interview Panel: Obtaining the Clients View

Week 11: New Client Onboarding Process: Building Relationships for Maximum Benefits

Week 12: Preparing for Certification

Dates & Next Steps


School begins October 7, 2021 and runs 12 weeks. The program ends January 9th. Training calls will be held on Thursdays at 7pm ET. You will have three additional weeks to complete the exam and other requirements for certification.


One time payment of $1895


5 monthly payments of $420/each
(Aug - Dec 2021 and each month a payment will be taken away)


To be considered for the school, there is an application process. Once you complete the online application, it is reviewed and you will be contacted to schedule your interview. Application deadline is Friday, September 24th.

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